Lawrence Rothman has recruited Marissa Nadler for "Ain't Afraid Of Dying", a new preview of their long-awaited debut record The Book Of Law.

The cinematic ballad ropes in classic pop class and rock 'n' roll candour to huge effect - Rothman's new track delivers a frighteningly powerful one-two right to your heart. Their new song was written just one day after learning a close friend was dying of a rare disease, with lyrics inspired by one of their final conversations together.

As well as Nadler offering vocals, Autolux's Carla Azar contributes drums to the track.

Rothman's album sees them display nine vastly varied alter-egos (we've seen a few already, as well as a group shout in recent track "Wolves Still Cry"). "Ain't Afraid Of Dying" introduces the alter-ego Hooky.

We've heard quite a bit from Rothman's star-studded LP, and over the past two years they've shared Kim Gordon team-up "Designer Babies""H""Users", Charli XCX collab "Oz Vs. Eden", and "California Paranoia" (ft. Angel Olsen).

The Book Of Law is out 13 October via Polydor.




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